C & G’s Smoking Barbecue

C & G's BBQ
Have you ever had ribs at a hole in the wall restaurant in Minneapolis? How about at a huge BBQ chain? Us too, and in our opinion, C & G’s has some of the best ribs in Minneapolis. They’re dry-rub, so no sauce, but still an incredible savory flavor. They don’t slide off the bone, and are extremely tender. Pair a rack of these delicious dry-rub ribs with homemade fries, and house-special BBQ sauce, and you’ll be more than satisfied (new addiction)! Located on the corner of Nicollet and 48th in Minneapolis, this is one hole in the wall you’ll definitely want to check out.

Our Experience

We recommend:

  • Ribs and fries. Oh..it’s worth it!


Hole in the wall, casual, authentic, just a few tables (4 max), Food Network on a TV in the corner, awards/articles in old frames on the wall, homemade desserts in a small fridge near the counter. Big smiles, and friendly service.

Very friendly and authentic. When we went, one of the owners, a Detroit local, was cooking and serving, and he was fantastic. The way he talked to us made us feel like we’d lived next door to him for years. That’s just one of the perks of ordering food at a great hole in the wall restaurant in Minneapolis!

Mouth-watering dry-rub ribs, fantastic homemade fries, and authentic Detroit hometown atmosphere. A must try!

(You know it’s good when the website is a Facebook page!)