Indian Spice House


Indian Spice House is an authentic (and delicious) Indian restaurant in Eden Prairie. Sometimes you just have to be adventurous when looking for a new restaurant. We had seen this one tucked back in an unassuming strip mall and decided to give it a try. We walked in and there was only one person there. Not a good sign. But she was Indian. Good sign. Right?

As we looked over the menu, realizing neither one of us had spent a great deal of time around Indian food, we decided to ask the waiter for his recommendations. They were phenomenal, and we’ve listed them below. The food is incredibly savory, and prices are reasonable. We’ve been back with friends and family multiple times, and the original items we ordered are still our favorites!

Indian Spice House is the best Indian restaurant we’ve been to so far (the others we’ve visited have been highly awarded within Minneapolis, and this one still stands out as our favorite). To finish the story, by the time we were done with our meal, the restaurant was full and I’m petty sure we were the only non-Indian people there. The restaurant also has an Indian grocery store attached to it, so you can stock up on all sorts of Indian ingredients once you realize you’re addicted to Indian food. Cheers!

Our Experience

We recommend:

  • Malai kofta (we describe the flavoring of this vegetarian curry  dish as more of  a savory butternut squash soup)
  • Chicken tikki masala (a traditional dish with full Indian flavors and just a little heat)
  • Chili naan (a delicious flatbread with butter and jalapenos)

*Note: Many of the dishes come with a side of rice.

Family-style, ~$10-15 per person

Indian decor with simple booths and tables, similar to what we’ve experienced at non-franchised Chinese restaurants

Fine service, good food recommendations

Savory Indian dishes with a little heat when you need it. This is the place (with the above meal recommendations) to try Indian food if you’ve not had it, or experience a new Indian gem if you love it!


Photo courtesy of: “Can’t Life Without…” food blog


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