Wok in the Park

Wok in the Park

Wok in the Park. An Asian fusion bistro full of flavor.

When you walk into this little unassuming St. Louis Park restaurant, you’re not quite sure what to expect, but you know it’ll be an experience. From the hand-drawn Asian floral murals, to the Oriental rice paper lanterns, and live music (if you hit it on the right night), you know it’ll be something to remember.

So, what’s been our experience with Wok in the Park? A punch-in-the-face, food-full-of-fresh-flavor kind of  experience! The staff is casual and extremely friendly, and the menu is full of all types of Asian dishes and flavors. You’ll find everything from Thai and Japanese, to Chinese and Vietnamese. And not just the basic dishes. These guys love strategic flavor combinations. Like adding delicious dried cherries to a spicy Thai dish to enhance the flavor. We’ve enjoyed every dish we’ve experienced here.

This is a place you don’t want to miss. With good prices, large portions, and bold flavors, this has definitely become our favorite Asian fusion destination!

Our Experience

We recommend:

  • Lettuce wraps (best we’ve had)
  • Sweet Zen Basil (similar to a pad thai but with pineapples and basil – a savory flavor combination)
  • Wok’s Cherry Own Curry (referenced above – a dish with good heat, tasty chicken, veggies…and dried cherries – a brilliant combination of flavors)
  • Sunrise Stir Fry (a delicious dish with savory cinnamon curry flavoring that’s soothing, yet bold…mixed with the heat, it’s incredible)

*Note: These guys have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, too! And regarding spice level…Chris and I both like it spicy, but on their scale of 1-3 flames, 3 was a little too hot. 2 has a decent amount of kick, and 1 still carries heat…perfect for the next day, too. Yes, you’ll have leftovers with these serving sizes.

Starters, 5-11
Entrees, 11-12
Cost: $15-20 per person

Asian-inspired, chill bistro, with brilliant golden sunlight in the early evenings, and dim lighting with lanterns and candles in the late evenings

Very friendly and personable, service like you’re a regular; great at describing dishes and recommending favorites

Casual bistro with excellent, creative Asian food. A cool hand-crafted atmosphere with extremely friendly and helpful service. Bold and brilliant flavors. A must try!